Welcome to my website.
Thank you & Enjoy!!

Special Thanks,
Art Director Tim Flattery and LucasArts Mentor Dela Longfish.
All Great Artists from Lucasfilms, Ltd.
I started concept design 3 years ago. Due to my culture and experience, movie and animation media have been my dream to create my own world. I always believe that traditional skill is essential to create such a cool vehicle or digital work. During my summer job 2011, Lucasfilm inspired me and taught me to be a better artist. I keep working and never stop!
Here is my knowledge for Concept Design,
- I have a deep knowledge for perspective layout.
- I have a passion for figure drawing and rendering.
- I have knowledge for Human Anatomy, I also knows every single names of muscle.
- I have a great pen and ink techniques for drawing on the paper.
- I have a passion for designing vehicles like Starwars.
- I always love to learn something new like 3D Maya Software.

- I think smart and work efficiently.
- Lastly, I always draw and draw!
I really appriciate your time to check my web-site.
Richard [RHent(c), 2011]